24.10.23, 10:32

Husband, Charged with Murder Attempt against Wife, Detained

Husband, Charged with Murder Attempt against Wife, Detained

On October 22, 2023 at 18:00 a 24 year-old woman submitted a report in Erebuni Police Division of the RA Ministry of Internal Affairs informing that on the same day between 06:30 and 08:00 her husband hit her on different parts of her body with hands, feet and scissors, wanted to set her on fire with a special solution, causing bodily injuries.

With regard to the case a criminal proceeding was initiated in the Investigative Division of Erebuni and Nubarashen administrative districts of Yerevan Investigative Department of the RA Investigative Committee according to the Point 4 of the Part 2 of the Article 196 of RA Criminal Code. The young woman was found the victim and was questioned.

Pursuant to data obtained through investigation, at the night of October 22, 2023 in the trailer located on the land adjacent to the reservoir of Davit Bek Street, which was the residence of the young family, a row on personal matters erupted between the spouses. During the argument the husband, 31 year-old resident of Yerevan, hit his wife for numerous times with hands and feet on different parts of her body threatening to kill her, hitting the wife on the face, chest, hands and feet with scissors. Then he poured solution on his wife and burnt with a lighter. However, the wife managed to extinguish the fire by covering with a blanket after which she immediately left the trailer and fled.

During preliminary investigation inspection of the scene was conducted with participation of the victim during which a blanket with burnt traces and a container of a solution were found at the trailer and taken. The parts of the window and ceiling were smothered. Forensic medical, forensic material expertises were commissioned. The Police was assigned to take operative-intelligence measures.

A motion was submitted to the prosecutor by the investigative body to initiate a public criminal proceeding against the woman's husband according to the Points 6 and 9 of the Part 2 of the Article 44-155 of RA Criminal Code. It was sufficed.

A decision on his arrest to be brought to court was made.

In the result of taken measures the husband was found, arrested and brought to the investigative body. Charge was pressed against him by the investigator for committing the above-mentioned crimes and a motion was submitted to court to use detention as a pretrial measure against him. It was sufficed.

Preliminary investigation is ongoing.

Note; Everyone charged with alleged crime offence shall be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law.