The symbol of the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Armenia was confirmed by the decision of September 4, 2014 of RA Government.

 The elements of the symbol are the two eagles, the shield (with two crossed eyes), the fur of Armenian stoat and the leaves of oak. In the golden-edged round center of the symbol the two eagles hold the shield edged in gold with the diagram of crossed eyes covered with white fur of stoat.

 In the next – external round stratum it is written “Investigative Committee of the Republic of Armenia” in golden Armenian letters. The total circle is edged with the tricolor flag of the Republic of Armenia.

 The eagles are golden and they symbolize power, flight, alertness, will and sharp-sightedness. The white fur of Armenian stoat is marked with images of black tails which symbolizes justice, purity and wisdom witnessing the morality, greatness and perfectness of the bearer.

 The shield edged in gold with the diagram of crossed eyes symbolizes attention, wittedness, protection of an individual, society and state from crimes.

 The sword is golden and symbolizes independence, justice and struggle. It is situated at the back part of the shield in vertical position. At the upper part of the shield the cross-like handle of the sword is seen, and the blade of the sword goes out of the lower part of the shield.

 The interconnected two golden leaves of the oak symbolize unwavering power, steadfastness, durability and greatness. Golden symbolizes wisdom, dignity, power and dark blue symbolizes restraint, truth and determination.

 The image of the symbol is round. The circle is a symbol of eternity and infinity.