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Information on criminal cases on domestic violence investigated in 2016 in RA IC proceeding

10.03.2017 15:58

By the instruction of the Chairman of the RA Investigative Committee a mechanism of separate statistical procedure of criminal cases on domestic violence investigated in the RA IC proceeding was introduced in the RA Investigative Committee which will allow to have a comprehensive examination of prevalence of that kind of violence, means and ways of expression, status of the affected and defendants, as well as relations between them.

Thus, pursuant to the examinations, in 2016 359 criminal cases on domestic violence were investigated in the proceeding of the RA Investigative Committee 18 of which – in the proceeding of General Military Investigative Department of the RA Investigative Committee.

Out of 359 criminal cases on domestic violence investigated in the mentioned period

222 referred to battery (Article 118 of RA Criminal Code),

45 – to threat to murder, to inflict heavy damage to one’s health or to destroy property (Article 137 of RA Criminal Code),

23 – to sexual relation or violent sexual actions with a person under 16,

19 – to willful infliction of light damage to one’s health (Article 117 of RA Criminal Code),

10 – to murder (Article 104 of RA Criminal Code),

7 – to infliction of heavy bodily damage, etc..

In the result of studies it became known that out of crimes committed in a family 3 were committed by mother, 14 – by father, 3 – by step father, 9 – by brother/sister, 15 – by son/daughter (including adopted one), 2 – by wife, 130 – by husband, 3 – by grandson, 6 – by husband’s parents, 15 – by daughter/son-in-law.

At the stage of preliminary investigation in the framework of the criminal cases 204 persons have been involved as a defendant 122 of which are 18-35 years old, 82 – over 35.

In the framework of the criminal cases in the proceeding 237 persons have been found affected 20 of which are 12 years old, 2 – 12-14 years old, 25 – 14-16 years old, 2 – 16-18 years old, 108 – 18-35 years old, 80 – over 35.

In the mentioned period proceeding of 206 criminal cases was terminated most of them on the base of absence of complaint or reconciliation of the affected with the defendant.

89 criminal cases on 89 persons with the bill of indictment were sent to court.

Note; The term “Domestic violence” is used in the context of formulation given in the Point 3 of the order dated November 17, 2014 of the RA IC Chairman pursuant to which the term “domestic violence” is interpreted in the following way; “…physical and psychological violent actions which are committed inside the family or between either former or current spouses or partners, regardless of whether the perpetrator lives or lived in the same apartment with the affected or not”.

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