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RA IC Chairman Aghvan Hovsepyan negatively assessed disclosure index of home burglaries (Photos)

19.12.2016 17:47

Operative consultation was held at the Chairman of the RA Investigative Committee Aghvan Hovsepyan during which the results of investigation of criminal cases on home burglaries investigated in the proceeding of the Investigative Committee were discussed.

Highlighting the disclosure of harassment against the citizens’ right to property, by the instruction of the RA IC Chairman, a working group was created to examine the results of preliminary investigation of criminal cases initiated on cases of home burglary in 2015, as well as to reveal the causes hindering the disclosure.

According to data of Information Center of the Police adjunct to the RA Government, 1389 cases of home burglary were recorded in the Republic of Armenia in 2015 509 of which – 36,6 percent were revealed. Moreover, the disclosure level in Yerevan is much lower; in regions it is 48,5 percent but in Yerevan - 28,1 percent.   

The RA IC Chairman negatively assessed the measures taken to reveal the home burglaries.

“As an investigative body we are obliged to provide the disclosure of crimes. There are some areas where disclosure index is zero. We cannot ignore the current situation”, Aghvan Hovsepyan said and added that not taking sufficient measures to reveal the crimes against property was unacceptable.

“We ourselves must find the shortcomings of our work, their causes and draw conclusions”, emphasized the RA IC Chairman.  

Work conducted to find the stolen items was assessed worrisome. The damage inflicted only to physical persons in the result of thefts recorded in 2015 is 1.066.780.516 AMD about 88 millions AMD of which was restored which is 8,5 percent. A. Hovsepyan emphasized the significance of compensation of material damage caused to citizens in the result of crimes as an important condition to restore justice.  

During the consultation the causes and circumstances hindering the disclosure of thefts were analyzed. The RA IC Chairman instructed the subdivision heads to submit certain proposals on raising the efficiency of disclosures.

Participants highlighted the protection of the crime scene. During the consultation it was recorded that protection of the crime scene is still crucial not only in theft cases but in general, in case it is not protected a number of traces disappear, become useless and in such conditions the efficiency of the inspection of the crime scene decreases. In this regard, it was reported that a project of rules of crime scene protection was developed and put into circulation.  

A. Hovsepyan emphasized that the key to crime disclosure is mostly situated in the crime scene and the crime scene protection, conduction of proper inspection are of great importance in working out hypotheses and revealing crime. Department of Support to Investigation of Criminal Cases was instructed to develop a methodological guide on inspection of crime scene and usage of criminological equipment and based on it to organize investigators’ trainings. Proper planning of investigation, as well as close cooperation with operative-searching bodies was also highlighted.  

Structural and territorial subdivisions were given a month’s term to take certain steps and submit an action plan.  

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