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Address of the Investigative Committee
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Congratulatory Message of Chairman of RA Investigative Committee on Day of Police

16.04.2020 14:56

Dear Mr. Sargsyan,

On behalf of the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Armenia and myself I warmly congratulate You, the whole staff and police veterans on professional holiday – on the Day of the Police.  

The work of the Police is the focus of public attention and the description of the employee, as well as the behavior displayed for implementation of official duties is directly related to the public perception of the description and authority of the country. Recently, there has been a positive shift in the work of the police which is the result of a whole chain of reforms implemented in the police system and we are sure that continuous provision of the reforms will make the work of the police officer more honorable and raise the public confidence towards the Police.

Police officers have always been in the front line of protection of citizen's rights, freedoms and legal interests contributing to establishment of legality and strengthening the rule of law in the country with their principles and conscientious treatment to the service. This responsible mission is honorably carried out by the Police contributing to stability of the state's law enforcement system and strengthening the foundations of statehood.

Congratulating You once more on the professional holiday I wish You success and new achievements, as well as health and family welfare to police employees.  





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