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Address of the Investigative Committee
46/5 Mamikonyants, Yerevan+374(11) 880-114

Message of President of RA Notary Chamber

08.10.2021 19:30

Respectable Mr. Kyaramyan,

In the name of the Notary Chamber of the Republic of Armenia I warmly congratulate You and all the employees of the RA Investigative Committee on the occasion of the professional holiday.

It is already the 6th year that Your professional holiday is celebrated in Armenia. However, it is not the first time that the investigative apparatus has shown its professionalism.

During professional activity the investigators provide a significant function of disclosure of crime, at the stage of preliminary investigation they do an important and responsible work. The quality of preliminary investigation and defense of the accusation in judicial bodies in Armenia depends on your law-abiding actions.

Congratulating on the occasion of professional holiday I wish you peace, new professional success and inexhaustible family warmth.

President of the RA Notary Chamber Lilit Muradyan


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