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Case of Illegal Turnover of Narcotic Drugs and Smuggling Disclosed

02.03.2022 17:36

In the result of investigative and other procedural actions conducted within the criminal case investigated in Gegharkunik Regional Investigative Department of the RA Investigative Committee a case of illegal turnover of narcotic drugs and smuggling was disclosed, the mechanism, the source of illegal procurement of narcotic drugs were found out and the persons having committed the alleged crime were identified.

Through investigation factual data were obtained on the allegation that 54 year-old resident of Sevan reached prior agreement with his old acquaintance living in France on smuggling, selling drugs and sharing the income received.

In order to carry out his criminal intention 54 year-old man turned to his fellow-citizen and suggested to find a person so as he could receive the parcel with drugs in it sent from France in his name and give it to them.

The fellow-citizen turned to his acquaintance and hiding his real intention reached an agreement with the latter on sending the parcel in his name and receiving it.

The latter received the parcel sent in his name in the post office located in Sevan town in which there were pills with total weight of  38.89 grams containing drug of “Buprenorphine” type in particularly large amount - with total weight of 0,8028 grams and gave it to 54 year-old man.

On the base of the obtained sufficient evidence charge was pressed against 54 year-old man according to the Point 2 of the Part 3 of the Article 266 and the Point 1 of the Part 3 of the Article 267.1 of RA Criminal Code, charge was pressed against the latter’s fellow-citizen according to the Point 2 of the Part 3 of the Article 38-266 and the Point 1 of the Part 3 of the Article 38-267 of RA Criminal Code. Detention was used as a pretrial measure against them.

Preliminary investigation is ongoing.

Note; Everyone charged with alleged crime offence shall be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law.



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