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Candidates of Investigators Graduated from Academy of Justice Appointed in RA Investigative Committee (Photos)

28.09.2018 16:19

On September 28 a solemn ceremony dedicated to awarding diploma to 21 graduates of the Academy of Justice involved in the list of candidates of investigators was held in the RA Investigative Committee. The Chairman of the RA Investigative Committee Hayk Grigoryan, Rector of the Academy of Justice Sergey Araqelyan, Board members of the RA Investigative Committee were present at the ceremony.

The investigators swore to faithfully serve the people of the Republic of Armenia, strictly adhere to the RA Constitution and laws, to protect human and citizen’s rights and freedoms, public order and security from criminal encroachments, to carry out their duties conscientiously and unconditionally.

Together with diplomas, the candidates of investigators also received the RA IC Chairman’s orders on employment in territorial subdivisions of the RA Investigative Committee.

Congratulating the graduates the Chairman of the RA Investigative Committee Hayk Grigoryan appealed to newly appointed investigators to be guided by officer’s psychology putting special emphasis to the fact that officer is not a title but it is a lifestyle and mission.

«We are the protector of the citizens affected by illegality and the restorer of violated rights. Each citizen sees a state in the face of you, makes opinion about the state working with you. Therefore, from the very first day of the work show compassion and respect towards a citizen», mentioned the IC Chairman emphasizing that the activity of each investigator employed in the Investigative Committee should be aimed at serving law.   

The IC Chairman Hayk Grigoryan assured that the investigators who start their service from today will act freely and will be guided only within the authorities prescribed by law.

“I wish you daily victories. You will act freely. There will be no obstacle. We will be guided only by law. If my family member does an action forbidden by law he/she shall be punished. If your family member does it he/she will be punished, as well. Everybody is equal before the law”, emphasized the RA IC Chairman Hayk Grigoryan.

The Rector of the Academy of Justice Sergey Araqelyan also had a congratulatory speech and expressed confidence that the graduates of the Academy are ready to carry out their mission with honor.


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