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RA Investigative Committee provides investigators with continuous specialization (Photos)

17.03.2017 17:52

The RA Investigative Committee keeps on focusing on the issues concerning the protection of children’s rights.

Consistently providing the proper implementation of events directed to the protection of rights of injured, witness, suspect and accused minors the RA Investigative Committee has already achieved certain positive results in this sphere, however presence of specialized investigators is not only a current issue but also a time requirement.

Specialized investigators shall not only be good lawyers but they also must master the basics of psychology and other related sciences. By the order N 1 of the Chairman of the RA Investigative Committee dated 16 January, 2017 training of the RA IC investigators’ specialization within criminal cases with procedural involvement of minors was introduced in the RA Investigative Committee which starts today.

21 investigators of different bodies and subdivisions of the RA Investigative Committee will do specialized course for obtaining coordinated and comprehensive knowledge in jurisprudence, psychology and social work.

During the training the investigators will be presented the rules of conduct with the children having any procedural status, their peculiarities. The organization of the training is carried out together with the Armenian branch of “Project Harmony” organization funded by the US State Department. The training is conducted by 7 specialists of the sphere. At the end of the course the participants will do a test and receive appropriate certificates.   

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