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Diplomas given to candidates of investigators trained in Academy of Justice (Photos)

10.02.2016 19:41

On February 10 a solemn session dedicated to awarding diplomas to 15 listener-graduates of the Academy of Justice - persons involved in the list of candidates of investigators was held in the RA Investigative Committee.  

Welcoming the participants and congratulating the graduates the Chairman of the RA Investigative Committee emphasized the irreplaceable role of theoretical and especially practical knowledge in investigator’s work and expressed his gratitude to the Academy of Justice for organizing trainings for the candidates of investigator.

“The procedure of implementation of justice, as well as all the activities of the investigator is regulated only by law. In each society, in each state investigator’s work is valued so much that his activities are regulated only by law. There is not any procedure of investigatory activity, acquirement of evidence that can be regulated by another normative act, moreover by a departmental act. You must always realize that each omission is a violation of law. You already know it, you have had a proper training and are ready to replenish the investigatory army”, said A. Hovsepyan to the graduates and expressed hope that today’s graduate of the academy will be able to carry out his mission in a more professional way.

Rector of the Academy of Justice Ruben Meliqyan mentioned that the academy is interested in making competitive staff in the investigatory sphere. According to him the peculiarities of investigatory work have been taken into consideration while making the training programs of the academy.

During the solemn session the Chairman of the RA Investigative Committee awarded Rector of the Academy of Justice Ruben Meliqyan with medal “For Cooperation”, lecturer Ara Ghazaryan with a letter of thanks. By the orders of Rector of the Academy of Justice lecturers Davit Tumasyan and Arman Bayadyan were awarded with letters of thanks.


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