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Citizens’ Reception Held at RA IC Chairman (photos)

06.08.2018 19:05

Reception of citizens took place today at the RA Investigative Committee. RA IC Chairman Hayk Grigoryan received 8 citizens who had applied for reception in advance. Their application -complaints were various.

Some of the questions of citizens referred to undisclosed crimes – assault, theft from flats. Hayk Grigoryan assured that necessary investigatory and other procedural actions are conducted within each criminal case to provide the comprehensive investigation, to disclose the crimes.

IC Chairman mentioned that the investigators have the necessary desire, will and ability to provide proper investigation, to restore the rights of citizens affected by crime and gave certain instructions to examine the issues raised and take appropriate measures.

Another citizen argued the objectiveness of the result of forensic complex examination commissioned within the criminal case on death of a woman who had just given birth. IC Chairman clarified the legislative provisions and the procedure of submitting a motion to commission double forensic examination assuring that after receiving the motion the investigative body will consider it properly and make a decision.

Some citizens had complaints the base of which was property dispute erupted between family members which had moved to criminal legal dimension. Besides, issues on being employed at the Investigative Committee were raised.

IC Chairman instructed to give immediate start to the mentioned issues and inform the appliers about the results in short terms.

Receptions at the RA IC Chairman will be held twice a month. Besides, the heads of investigative departments and divisions were instructed to organize receptions every week.

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