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The investigative body turned to RA Prosecutor General’s Office to send international investigative instruction on providing legal aid

18.01.2015 15:46

Implementation of active investigative and procedural measures is ongoing on the criminal case being investigated in General Department of Investigation of Particularly Important Cases to examine and find all the circumstances of murder of 6 persons and murder attempt of the baby in Gyumri on 12 January.

Taking the public interest into consideration we inform that dozens of people have been questioned, including the neighbors, relatives of the victims, fellow-soldiers of the serviceman of Russian military base N 102 located in Gyumri, Valeri Permyakov who is accused of murder of the Avetisyans and samples of blood, urine, hair were taken from the servicemen on the day of the case and were sent to examination.

Information on the result of this, as well as other examinations appointed on the criminal case will be provided after receiving their conclusions.

On 15 January the investigative body turned to RA Prosecutor General’s Office in order to send international investigative instruction to the relevant bodies of Russia on providing legal aid in the framework of the criminal case; According to the Article 475 of RA Criminal Procedure Code, as well as the international agreements of the Republic of Armenia the communication in pretrial proceeding on providing legal aid on criminal cases is implemented by RA Prosecutor General’s Office.

According to the written answer received from RA Prosecutor General’s Office on 16 January the international investigative instruction was sent to the Prosecutor General’s Office of Russian Federation.

Information on the process of the investigation of the criminal case will be provided regularly.



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