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Government approved legislative package draft worked out by RA Investigative Committee directed to regulating sphere of site protection

05.10.2017 15:27

Today the RA Government approved of the draft of the legislative package worked out by the RA Investigative Committee directed to regulating the protection of the site.

Pursuant to current legislation the protection of the site shall be carried out only by the Police of the Republic of Armenia and the relevant subdivisions of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia from the inquest bodies mentioned in the Article 56 of RA Criminal Procedure Code.  

Whereas, according to RA Criminal Procedure Code, besides the above-mentioned two bodies, revenue service bodies for crimes related to taxes, customs authorities for smuggling and for violation of right to mental property in cases defined by law, bodies of national security for cases ascribed to them by law, as well as the aircraft captain for cases on crimes committed in the aircraft during the flight are also inquest bodies.

Thus, the protection of the site on cases subordinate to them must be carried out by the mentioned bodies, as well. Besides, it was proposed to confirm the rules of protection of the site by a sub-legislative act by the decision of the RA Government.

The legislative package clarifies the authority of all inquest bodies in protection of the site aiming to form a united legal regulation for the inquest bodies in the sphere of protection of the site. 

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