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RA Investigative Committee and RA Ombudsman signed a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in the sphere of protection of human rights and freedoms

18.11.2014 18:59

The Chairman of RA Investigative Committee Aghvan Hovsepyan and the Ombudsman Karen Andreasyan today signed a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in the sphere of protection of human rights and freedoms.

“This document will give us an opportunity to think together how to make the procedures of human right protection during the preliminary investigation more efficient and to legally proceed together if there are any applications or complaints”, Aghvan Hovsepyan said.

“We expect that this Memorandum of Understanding will be really productive and real work will be implemented. At the same time I would like to mention that we will go on guaranteeing our applicants legally binding privacy terms, that is our cooperation will never be to the detriment of any citizen”, Karen Andreasyan mentioned

Distinct mechanisms aimed at providing the protection of human rights, as well as restoration of violated rights have been outlined by the document.

Particularly, the Ombudsman and the Investigative Committee have agreed to organize joint considerations on the issues emerged during the examination of complaints of the citizens and hold consultations on the results of each year.

According to the Memorandum the Ombudsman mediates for the Investigative Committee to consider the cases of violation of human rights and freedoms in the framework of the latter’s jurisdiction, while developing the annual or special report on violation of human rights and freedoms the Ombudsman takes the proposals and considerations of RA Investigative Committee  into consideration.

Within the framework of its jurisdiction the Investigative Committee asks the Ombudsman’s staff  for the information on the facts of violation of human rights and freedoms  in accordance with the law, submits proposals on prevention and elimination of the mentioned violations during the development of annual or special report on those facts, submits a proposal to the Ombudsman to turn to the Constitutional Court on the issues of compliance of regulatory acts subject to application by the employees of the Investigative Committee with the statements of Chapter 2 of RA Constitution.

According to the agreement between the parties RA Ombudsman will be invited to take part in Board sessions of RA Investigative Committee on the issues of violations of human rights and freedoms included in the agenda, the comprehensive discussion and provision of reasoned response will be ensured.


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