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Editorial Office of Scientific magazine «Preliminary Investigation» Invites Authors

08.04.2019 11:55

Scientific magazine «Preliminary Investigation» was founded by the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Belarus and was successfully put in circulation. The studies of Belarus and foreign researchers on law enforcement, legal activities are published in the magazine.

Within the short period of its existence the magazine «Preliminary investigation» has become a platform of exchange of opinions and experience for the lawyers of Armenia, Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.

The magazine is involved in the list of scientific magazines of the Republic of Belarus for publication of results of thesis researches confirmed by the Higher Qualification Commission of the Republic of Belarus, as well as in the Russian Index of Scientific Citations.

The editorial office of Scientific magazine «Preliminary Investigation» is ready to cooperate and invites authors – lawyer-scientists to cover up-to-date issues on law and crime prevention.

You can get more detailed information about the magazine, necessary data for authors visiting http://pr.gov.by



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