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Suspended Proceeding of Criminal Case on Serviceman Arman Hakobyan's Death Resumed

16.01.2020 15:49

Working meeting was held today within the working group of public monitoring.

The representatives of the NGO who had studied the materials of the criminal case initiated on serviceman Arman Hakobyan's death were present at the meeting.

They had formerly submitted a report on investigation of the criminal case to the Investigative Committee where a number of necessary actions to disclose the case were pointed out.

The mentioned report was studied in the RA IC General Military Investigative Department after which a decision was made to resume the proceeding of suspended criminal case initiated on Arman Hakobyan's death.

We remind that an agreement was signed between the RA Investigative Committee and NGO-s on formation of a public monitoring working group in order to reveal possible omissions during preliminary investigation of separate criminal cases initiated on servicemen’s death during military service, to disperse public interest on disputable circumstances, as well as to exclude various comments on those circumstances.






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