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Armenia the only state among CIS countries representative of which included in expert group of UN manual on trafficking

31.05.2017 18:28

The representative of the RA Investigative Committee took part in the expert discussion of the manual on comprehensive international cooperation in Human trafficking organized by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime held in Vienna. The event aims at reconsidering the manual published in 2010 and republishing it in 2018. The Republic of Armenia is presented in the expert discussion by the Head of Department of Legal Provision and Statistics of Administration of the RA Investigative Committee Davit Tumasyan.

It should be noted that Armenia is the only state among CIS countries the representative of which is included in the group of experts. Experts are also presented from the USA, Austria, Argentina, Israel, Denmark, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, South Africa, Thailand and other countries who are judges, prosecutors, advocates, heads of NGOs engaged in fight against trafficking and others.

During discussions the experts, divided into groups, had a substantial brief discussion of separate parts of the manual.

The representative of Armenia today took part in the study of definition of human trafficking as well as in discussions of the chapter on presentation of its characteristics. He briefly introduced the fight against trafficking and statistics in the Republic of Armenia, considered the features of transnational trafficking in Armenia as well as formal and not formal options of cooperation with countries of destination for our country and on this basis the organizers offered also to touch upon the effect of some political trends in legal international cooperation.

In the result of the two-day meeting 5 chapters of the manual will be amended which will be discussed by all participants together.

This manual will be presented to UN member states as an advisory document to form a united practice of its application by law enforcement bodies and legal cooperation in fight against human trafficking.


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