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Circumstances of Receiving Fatal Firearm Injury by 24 year-old Young Man being Found out (photos)

21.03.2022 17:38

Necessary measures are taken in Tumanyan Investigative Division of Lori Regional Investigative Department of the RA Investigative Committee to find out all circumstances of receiving fatal firearm injury by 24 year-old resident of Lori region.

On March 20, 2022 at 22:50 a call was received from “Vanadzor” medical center informing that the resident of Lorut village of Lori region, born in 1997, with a firearm injury on the abdominal region was taken to the medical center.

A criminal case was initiated according to the Part 1 of the Article 34-104 and the Part 1 of the Article 235 of RA Criminal Code the conduction of which was assigned to the investigative group.

In the result of investigative and other procedural actions conducted during preliminary investigation the circumstances of receiving firearm bodily injuries by the young man, among them the motive were found out, the person having committed the alleged crime was identified.

Pursuant to initial data, on the day of the accident a row erupted between the victim and his fellow-villager, born in 2003, and the latter told his father about it. In order to revenge, on the same day at about 22:00, in the center of the village the latter, with the intent to deprive 24 year-old young man of life, fired a shot towards him after which the latter was taken to the medical center where the next day at 08:15 he died.

During preliminary investigation necessary investigative and procedural actions, among them inspection of the scene were conducted during which a fired capsule of 5.45 mm caliber and pieces of broken glass were found, the clothes the victim was wearing at the moment of the accident were confiscated, forensic medical, forensic ballistic examinations were commissioned, a number of persons were questioned.

Preliminary investigation is ongoing.

Measures are taken to find the firearm which was the instrument of crime and the person having committed the alleged crime, to bring him to the investigative body, to verify the circumstances mentioned in testimonies.

Note; Everyone charged with alleged crime offence shall be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law.

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