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Subdivision and investigator having provided the best results awarded (Photos)

03.03.2016 17:02

On March 2 extended session of the RA Investigative Committee Board was held and the work implemented in 2015 was summed up, it was decided which subdivision and investigator had provided the best results during the last year. 

The order and conditions to find the year’s investigator and the year’s subdivision of the RA Investigative Committee were confirmed by the order N 56-Լ of the Chairman of the RA Investigative Committee dated June 11, 2015.  Commission was formed consisted of 8 members.

Deputy Chairman of the RA Investigative Committee who also manages the work of the commission,  Head of General Department of Supervision over the Activity of Territorial Investigative Departments,  Head of Organizational and Analytical Division, Head of Department of Internal Security, Head of Yerevan Investigative Department, Head of Department of Supervision and Support to Investigation of Criminal Cases of General Military Investigative Department and two employees of the Investigative Committee presented by the Chairman of the Investigative Committee are involved in the commission.

In the result of indices recorded during the year Kotayq Regional Investigative Department of the RA IC was found “Subdivision of the Year” and senior investigator of the First Garrison Unit of General Military Investigative Department of the RA IC Artak Voskanyan was found “Investigator of the Year”, in the result of summery of the year’s work a number of other employees were encouraged by departmental awards.

Congratulating the awarded employees the Chairman of the RA Investigative Committee Aghvan Hovsepyan expressed his gratitude to conscientious ones who by their devotion contribute to formation of public trust to the activity of the RA Investigative Committee, administration of justice. At the same time, A. Hovsepyan stated that in 2015 there were also employees subjected to liability for bad work and transgression. “I am sure that these persons will draw necessary conclusions, will improve their activity, will show caring attitude towards the implementation of their authorities and will apply the law steadily”, mentioned A. Hovsepyan and emphasized that conscientious employees will always be under care but the offending ones will be subjected to liability.

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