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Charge Pressed for Receiving Bribe

28.06.2018 09:31

In the framework of the criminal case investigated in the Investigative Division of Arabkir administrative district of Yerevan Investigative Department of the RA Investigative Committee sufficient actual data were obtained on receiving bribe by the former headmaster of primary school N 132 of Yerevan.

In the result of necessary investigatory measures taken during pretrial proceeding, it was found out that from 2016 to May 23, 2018 the functions of the headmaster of “Yerevan Primary School N 132” SNCO were performed by V. Suqiasyan who received bribe for taking actions within his authorities in favor of military instructor of the school. Particularly, from April 3 to 17, 2018 the military instructor did not go to work because he was in the resort of Dilijan town for rehabilitation treatment. However on April 27, 2018 the headmaster through the secretary demanded bribe for not recording his absentees and disciplining him and on May 3, 2018 through the secretary received 70.000 AMD demanded in advance as a bribe.  

On the base of the obtained evidence charge was pressed against V. Suqiasyan according to the Part 1 of the Article 311 of RA Criminal Code for receiving bribe and to the secretary – according to the Part 1 of the Article 313 of RA Criminal Code for bribery mediation.

Preliminary investigation is ongoing.

Note; Everyone charged with alleged crime offence shall be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law.

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