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Chairman of RA Investigative Committee Met Dead Servicemen's Relatives (photos)

24.11.2018 09:04

Acting Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Nikol Pahinyan together with the Chairman of the RA Investigative Committee Hayk Grigoryan met the relatives of dead servicemen.

The Government Head listened to the problems and concerns of the servicemen’s relatives on investigation and procedure of criminal cases.

At the Prime Minister’s offer the meeting went on in the Investigative Committee. At the meeting which lasted six hours the investigatory and procedural actions conducted within criminal cases initiated on servicemen’s death, as well as the results of preliminary investigation were discussed in details with participation of the Chairman of the RA Investigative Committee Hayk Grigoryan and RA IC Board members.

Each of the relatives of dead servicemen was given an opportunity to express his concerns and considerations on the case, as well as on the process of criminal cases.

Specific instructions on the raised issues were given to investigative bodies by the RA IC Chairman. Hayk Grigoryan assured that criminal manifestations recorded during military service, particularly death cases are in constant focus.

“Each serviceman’s death is a tragedy and I want you to be sure that all possible actions are conducted within each criminal case to find out real circumstances of the case”, H. Grigoryan mentioned.

He informed the relatives that within cases on death a number of hypotheses, including murder, suicide, accident, mutilation, violation of combat duty regulations, breach of rules for handling weapon are immediately put forward and simultaneous investigation is conducted.

“Investigation on all possible hypotheses is conducted regardless of the article according to which the criminal case was initiated on the base of initial data. We don’t have any such constraint. On the base of the obtained actual data legal assessment is given to persons’ activities, the conditions and reasons contributing to it are revealed”, said IC Chairman.

H. Grigoryan offered the relatives of dead servicemen to cooperate with investigators and immediately tell them about the data known to them which will help conduct comprehensive investigation. He also offered them to take part in investigatory experimentations and ask experts questions they are concerned with.

Considering that each case has its own peculiarity and contains data on private life RA IC Chairman offered to hold discussions at separate meetings which was welcomed by the relatives and certain agreements were reached.

In case the injured party requests, within the current legislation, discussions will also be held within the work of public monitoring group created by the Investigative Committee’s initiative.

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