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Chairman of Investigative Committee Received President of “Eurojust” Agency (photos)

25.03.2022 18:05

The Chairman of the RA Investigative Committee Argishti Kyaramyan received the President of “Eurojust” Agency Ladislav Hamran and the delegation headed by him. The Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia to the Kingdom of the Netherlands Tigran Balayan also took part in the meeting.

The parties exchanged views on threats arising from various cross-border crimes as well as the ones committed in Europe, work required to organize the fight against crime, efficient conduction of the pretrial proceeding as well as other similar issues.

Argishti Kyaramyan presented in details the reform process launched in the RA Investigative Committee, referred to the logic of steps and initiatives aimed at improving the activities of the structure as a result of state policy attaching importance to the necessity of the work with international structures in this sphere.

Ladislav Hamran presented to the Chairman of the RA Investigative Committee the key directions of cooperation with the law enforcement bodies of several countries and professional support provided within the functions of “Eurojust” emphasizing the main manifestations of partnership with the relevant state bodies of the Republic of Armenia.

The Chairman of the RA Investigative Committee A. Kyaramyan and the President of “Eurojust” agency L. Hamran discussed issues on prospects for cooperation in fight against crime as well as arranged on forms of further communications and organization of joint procedures between the structures.

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