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Issues on Enhancement of Efficiency of Fight against Violence in Family and against Women Considered at the RA Investigative Committee (photos)

09.12.2022 16:15

The Deputy Chairman of the RA Investigative Committee Arsen Ayvazyan has received the delegation headed by the Head of Capacity Building and Cooperation Projects Unit of Gender Equality Division of the Council of Europe Marta Becerra.

During the meeting the implementation possibilities of the new joint projects aimed at capacity building of investigators of the RA Investigative Committee at the sphere of prevention and disclosure of violence in the family and against women, strengthening the cooperation between the key structures in this fight have been considered.

The Deputy Chairman of the RA Investigative Committee has evaluated the training processes aimed at the access to justice for women implemented until now by the Council of Europe with the involvement of the RA Investigative Committee, professional capacity development of investigators highly useful. He has welcomed the initiative of the CE to develop new projects of direct cooperation with the RA Investigative Committee.

Arsen Ayvazyan has mentioned that the RA state consistent policy of strengthening the criminal legal fight against violence in families and against women based on the European right has been expressed by new solutions in the RA new criminal and criminal procedure codes. And the RA investigative Committee is actively involved not only in legal practice of this sphere but also in the procedures of legislative reforms. He has presented in details the efforts of the RA Investigative Committee made for the enhancement of public awareness about the legal structures of the citizens’ protection from violence, ensuring involvement of more women within investigators.

Marta Becerra has expressed satisfaction in relation with Armenia’s consistent steps in the fight against violence against women, domestic violence in recent times mentioning that the new procedural processes and solutions in the fight against this type of crimes correspond to European criteria. From the point of view of bringing perpetrators to criminal responsibility and ensuring the inevitability of punishment she has attached importance especially to the process of obtaining evidence in the pretrial proceeding, providing a perspective for criminal proceedings with solid documentation. For this purpose, according to Mrs. Becerra, the CE is ready to ensure support in providing additional skills to investigators through trainings.

During the meeting an arrangement has been achieved to discuss the new cooperation programs in detail in the working order.




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