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Senior investigator subjected to a disciplinary penalty, his authorities suspended

17.12.2014 11:37

The Chairman of RA Investigative Committee Aghvan Hovsepyan signed an order on subjecting the senior investigator of the Investigative Division of Shengavit administrative district to maximum penalty – suspension of his authorities.

During the preliminary investigation of the criminal case initiated pursuant to the Article 118 of RA Criminal Code (battery) investigated by the mentioned investigator violations of norms provided by RA Criminal Procedure Code have emerged in the result of which proper measures have not been taken to find the circumstances of comprehensive, complete and objective examination, as well as the real circumstances of the case.

Taking the recorded violations into consideration according to the order provided by RA Law “On RA Investigative Committee” the Chairman of the Investigative Committee submitted a written motion to the Disciplinary Committee of RA Investigative Committee to subject the senior investigator having committed violations to disciplinary penalty - “suspension of authorities”.


The motion was unanimously sufficed on 12 December at the session of disciplinary committee. On the same day the committee discussed the violations committed by 2 more investigators, as well and subjected them to other types of penalties.

The authorities of RA Investigative Committee will pursue the prevention of disciplinary violations committed by employees, the abolishment of the reasons causing the violations and strengthening the service discipline, highlighting the comprehensive, complete and objective examination of the criminal case.


The improvement of investigation quality and the provision of investigator’s independence are the primary objectives of the Investigative Committee. Measures are taken to provide the independence and the protection of rights, to improve the material conditions of the employee of the Committee. At the same time those who have committed violations will be held accountable according to the type of violation in the order defined by law.


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