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A criminal case initiated on death of 40 day-old child

29.11.2014 16:08

By the instruction of the Head of Lori Regional Investigative Department of RA Investigative Committee a criminal case was initiated on the death of 40 day-old child N. Khachatryan.

On 16 November, 2014, at about 06:10 the resident of the village of Jrashen of Lori region Narine Khachatryan born on 7 October, 2014 was taken to “Spitak” medical centre by her parents but the medical staff did not provide her with any medical assistance and offered to take her to “Vanadzor” medical center. That is, they failed to implement their professional duties causing the child’s death by negligence.

A criminal case was initiated in Lori Regional Investigative Department on causing Narine Khachatryan’s death by negligence and failure to implement professional duties by medical personnel of “Spitak” medical center pursuant to the Part 2 of the Article 130 of RA Criminal code.

Preliminary investigation is under way.



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