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Charge Pressed against 51 year-old Man for Willful Infliction of Heavy Damage with Particular Cruelty to Sister’s Health; Case Sent to Court

12.01.2021 15:01

Preliminary investigation of the criminal case initiated on willful infliction of heavy damage with particular cruelty to sister’s health committed by the brother was completed in Kotayk Regional Investigative Department of the RA Investigative Committee.

In the result of investigatory and other procedural actions the circumstances, motive of the case were found out.

Through investigation factual data were obtained on the allegation that the resident of Yerevan, born in 1969, had for numerous times used violence against his sister for several reasons. He had disagreement with her over financial matters which became the reason for arguments between them.

Particularly, it was found out that the man sold the paternal house located in Yerevan owned by him and his sister for 38.000 USD. 35.000 USD of this amount the man transferred to the bank account opened in his sister’s name. The latter part by part gave 25.000 USD of the mentioned amount to her brother and allowed him to build a house next to her house on the land owned by her located in Teghenik village of Kotayk province on condition that he would change, would not use alcohol and would live a normal life.

However after a while the brother started to demand the remaining 10.000 USD of the sale of the house and the house located in Teghenik village on the same land owned by his sister. The sister refused which became a reason for disagreement between them for a long time.

On October 1, 2020 at about 00:20 brother visited his sister and demanded the mentioned 10.000 USD.

 Being refused again he argued with sister during which for the purpose of causing her bodily damages with particular cruelty, by torture he hit her with an iron on the head, he broke her hand striking with the same iron then threatened to remove her eyes with scissors and to cut ears. Then for a long time he hit his sister with hands and feet on different parts of her body causing heavy damage threatening to life with particular cruelty.

On the base of the obtained sufficient evidence charge was pressed against 51 year-old man according to the Point 4 of the Part 2 of the Article 112 (infliction of willful heavy damage to health) of RA Criminal Code. Signature not to leave was used as a pretrial measure against him.

Preliminary investigation was completed and the criminal case with the bill of indictment was sent to court.

Note; Everyone charged with alleged crime offence shall be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law. 


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