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RA IC Chairman Aghvan Hovsepyan met Staff and Informed about His Resign

11.06.2018 12:30

The Chairman of the RA Investigative Committee Aghvan Hovsepyan today met the staff of the Investigative Committee and thanked for the teamwork, for the work done to establish the extra- departmental, independent investigative body.

A. Hovsepyan informed the IC employees about his decision to resign and expressed hope, appealed to continue their constitutional powers with devotion and responsibility, human centered approach for the sake of provision of welfare and justice in our country. 

«I decided to resign. I wanted to inform all of you about it. I want to thank all those with whom I have worked in the legal system for 45 years. I want to thank you; we have passed a working path together for about 4 years.

Looking back at the past 4 years I see and make sure that significant joint work has been done. Most importantly, we have established, founded the RA Investigative Committee which is already accomplished today, it is the result of our joint work. I wish success, working strength and skills to the new leaders of the Investigative Committee.

I will follow every positive step with love and kindness”, said Aghvan Hovsepyan and added “I want all of us to get together with the future leaders of the Investigative Committee with the same combined efforts. I wish success, unity and, most importantly, strength to maintain and consistently develop investigator's independence, as well as independence of the Investigative Committee as a body conducting pretrial proceeding». The RA IC Chairman stated that throughout these years the Investigative Committee could ensure the investigator's independence from courts, prosecutors, local self-government bodies, governors, government, legislative authorities through legislative regulations, however importance was attached to internal independence, as well.  

“Your independence will be seen in the ability of making decisions by yourselves. When you don’t know how to make a decision act according to law”, said IC Chairman turning to the IC employees and appealed to stay away from politics while implementing their constitutional authorities.

“However, it does not mean that you should stay away from social life. It is impossible not to be a part of society when you live in it. Always try to feel the breath of society but be able to differentiate the social activity from political activeness”, stated A. Hovsepyan. Aghvan Hovsepyan started his professional activity in the legal system in 1974 immediately after graduating from the faculty of law of Yerevan State University.

First he worked at the Prosecution Office of Seghezha region of Karelian Autonomous Republic as an investigator. From 1978 to 1986 he worked at the Prosecution Office of Nagorno-Karabakh first as a senior investigator, prosecutor assistant then head of investigative division, prosecutor assistant of Martakert region.

From 1986 he continued his professional activity in prosecution system where he officiated until 2013. Throughout these years he served in the position of Prosecutor General for three times.

In 2013 the term of office expired and in the same year he was appointed the Head of Legal Support Committee for the Establishment of Unified Investigative Body. By the RA President’s order of 18 July, 2014 he was appointed the Chairman of the RA Investigative Committee. A. Hovsepyan said that he was going to continue with creative, scientific, pedagogical and social activity.  

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