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Charge pressed against two convicts for murder attempt against detainee

04.04.2017 18:37

In the result of investigatory actions of great volume conducted in General Department of Investigation of Particularly Important Cases of the RA Investigative Committee a number of circumstances significant for the case on murder attempt committed against the detainee of “Armavir” penitentiary were found. Charges were pressed against 2 convicts of the same penitentiary.

On March 25, 2017 a call was received informing that on the same day at about 13:45 in “Armavir” penitentiary of the RA Ministry of Justice violence was used against one of the detainees M. Harutyunyan with a cutting-piercing item inflicting bodily injuries.

In the framework of the criminal case initiated on the incident necessary investigatory actions were conducted to find the circumstances of the case – the way, motive of the attack committed against the detainee, as well as the frame of those involved.

Through preliminary investigation actual data were obtained on the allegation that murder attempt against the detainee kept in “Armavir” penitentiary was committed by a convict of the same penitentiary. While returning from walk after the expiry of prescribed time the convict entered the room of the employee of security division of penitentiary, used violence against him, took the keys and hurried to the cell where detainee M. Harutyunyan was kept. Then he opened the cell door and attacked the prisoner who was alone in the cell, he used violence against him and hit him on different parts of his body with a cutting-piercing item.  

Through investigation sufficient data were obtained that other convicts were also involved in violence used against the employee of security division who limited his movements. However, the employee managed to get rid of them and hurried to the detainee’s cell and together with other people neutralized the convict having used violence against the detainee.

On the base of the obtained sufficient evidence charge was pressed against two convicts; one of them – according to the Part 1 of the Article 34-104 and the Part 1 of the Article 316 of RA Criminal Code, the other detainee of the same penitentiary – according to the Part 1 of the Article 38-34-104 and the Part 1 of the Article 316 of RA Criminal Code.

Preliminary investigation is ongoing, measures are taken to find all circumstances, as well as the frame of those having committed the apparent crime.

Note; Everyone charged with alleged crime offence shall be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law.

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