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35 Year-Old Man Being Released on Bail Again Committed Acts of Swindling

23.12.2019 17:25

In the result of investigatory and other procedural actions conducted in the Investigative Division of Ajapnyak and Davtashen administrative districts of Yerevan Investigative Department of the RA Investigative Committee a number circumstances of kidnapping and a number of swindling cases committed by a 35 year-old man were found out.

Pursuant to data obtained through comprehensive investigation the resident of Yerevan, born in 1984, in May, 2018 being under custody in “Nubarashen” penitentiary of the RA Ministry of Justice, via “Facebook” social site got acquainted with 30 year-old female resident of Yerevan and assuring the latter that he would help her receive money from her debtor, gained her confidence. With her help he paid the mortgage amount used as an optional pretrial measure against him and was released from custody.

Then in August, 2018 with the purpose of swindling in large amount, under the pretext of introducing a car from the Republic of Georgia he received money in large amount part by part from 30 year-old woman and squandered it without introducing the car. Besides, in September under the pretext of copying the earring of the mentioned resident and return it, 35 year-old man took the earring and swindled it.

Through investigation it was found out that 35 year-old man reaching prior agreement with his friend, at the area adjacent to one of the houses located in Leningradyan Street met 30 year-old woman’s debtor – a resident of Yerevan, born in 1984, and under the pretext of talking about returning the debt, forced the man into the car of “VAZ 21 014” make driven by his friend. While driving 35 year-old man and his friend hit the resident of Yerevan with hands on different parts of his body, scolded him and depriving him from the freedom to move took him to the newly built road adjoining Davtashen village. There threatening to murder they demanded a part of the money which the latter transferred through his relatives to the account mentioned by 35 year-old man. On the same day after cashing the money through an ATM they allowed him to go.

Then getting the 30 year-old woman’s agreement he received money in large and significant amount from her debtors – the above-mentioned 35 year-old man and another resident of Yerevan and squandered.

Besides, from May to July, 2019 with the purpose of swindling somebody else’s property 35 year-old man, taking advantage of drivers’ carelessness, stole their mobile phones causing pecuniary damage in significant amount.

On the base of the obtained sufficient evidence charge was pressed against 35 year-old man according to the Point 2 of the Part 2 of the Article 178, the Part 1 of the Article 178, the Points 1, 2, 3 and 7 of the Part 2 of the Article 131, the Point 2 of the Part 2 of the Article 179, the Part 1 of the Article 179, the Part 1 of the Article 177 (4 counts) of RA Criminal Code. Detention was chosen as a pretrial measure against him. Charge was pressed against the latter’s friend according to the Points 1, 2, 3 and 7 of the Article 131 of RA Criminal Code. Signature not to leave was chosen as a pretrial measure against him.

Preliminary investigation was completed and the criminal case with the bill of indictment was sent to prosecutor supervising the legality of preliminary investigation.

Note; Everyone charged with alleged crime offence shall be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law.



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