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A criminal case initiated on death of businessman Abram Amirkhanyan

16.02.2015 17:10

A criminal case was initiated in Kotayq Regional Investigative Department of RA Investigative Committee on death of the director of “Levon Amirkhanyan” Abram Amirkhanyan.

OnFebruary 16, 2015 at 10:40 Nairi Police station received a call from the hospital of town Nor Hachn informing that there was a man’s body in the house 7/1, Pargevashen district, Nor Hachn.

The investigative-operative group immediately left for the scene and found the body of 61 year-old Abram Amirkhanyan (director of “Levon Amirkhanyan” ) in the bed in the bedroom which was on the second floor of the house located in the mentioned address.

Through the external examination of the body a firearm injury was found on frontal surface of the left part of his chest.

Taking the public interest into consideration we inform that a factory issued gun of “VIKING” mode with a cartridge, as well as 3 bullets were found near the body and a shell of 9 mm caliber was found in the victim’s clothes. Through the inspection of the scene a ball was also found.

On 16.02.2015 a criminal case was initiated in Nairi Investigative Division of Kotayq Regional Investigative Department of RA Investigative Committee according to the Article 110 of RA Investigative Committee.

Preliminary investigation is ongoing. Necessary investigative and operative-searching measures are taken to find all the circumstances of A. Amirkhanyan’s death.


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