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Meeting-Discussion with Members of Public Monitoring Group Held at Investigative Committee (photos)

03.10.2018 15:12

On October 3 a meeting-discussion with members of public monitoring group headed by Deputy Chairman of the RA Investigative Committee, Head of General Military Investigative Department Artak Krkyasharyan was held.

Let us remind that on July 4 an announcement on formation of public monitoring group was disseminated by the RA Investigative Committee. The public monitoring group will have an opportunity to examine the materials of disputable criminal cases on servicemen’s death and present an appropriate conclusion to the public.

During the meeting a decision was made to form a working group which will elaborate the activity procedure of the group fixing the main work principles of the group.

Issues related to priorities of hearing of criminal cases were also discussed.

First of all, the group will study the most prominent cases on deaths recorded during military service about investigation of which the victim's legal successors have been complaining so far.

During the meeting an agreement was reached pursuant to which the Investigative Committee, as a body conducting preliminary investigation, will provide the group members with reference on criminal cases to be studied.

Considering the issue of personal data protection, members of public monitoring group offered to make references on criminal cases to be studied without any personal data.  

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