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Address of the Investigative Committee
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Congratulatory Address by the Chairman of the RA Investigative Committee Aghvan Hovsepyan on Investigative Officer’s Day

08.10.2015 19:06

Honorable Guests, Respectable Colleagues,

October 8 was defined as RA Investigative Officer’s Day through the decision of September 25, 2015 of the Government of the Republic of Armenia.

The RA Law “On Formation of the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Armenia” came into force on June 28, 2014 but the Investigative Committee began to fully operate from October 8. Today’s professional holiday coincides with the one-year anniversary of the Investigative Committee. So, I congratulate all of us and express my gratitude to everyone for their participation in the solemn session.

From the very beginning of the activity of the RA Investigative Committee it was necessary to take measures to address the primary and urgent legal, technical and recruitment issues the newly formed structure had faced. The formation process was unprecedented and extremely tense.

One of the primary and most important issues was development activities of legal basis of the activity of the Investigative Committee and the Administration. More than fifty normative and internal legal acts were developed and adopted within a short period. The structures of the committee and administration, collegial bodies and other subdivisions were formed. Staff appointments were made – 118 vacancies were replenished with qualified personnel.

The one-year period of the activity of the RA Investigative Committee is enough to say that the RA Investigative Committee has taken over a serious role in struggle against crime, protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms, reinforcement of our statehood and law and order.

I do not consider it appropriate to represent today the detailed statistics of our work; it testifies that due to purposeful cooperation with other law enforcement bodies the Investigative Committee has actively been involved in struggle against crime, the quality of preliminary investigation has been significantly improved.

In 2015 within six months 1243 criminal cases were sent to court in comparison with 888 criminal cases which were sent to court last year; that is 355 more cases. 487 less cases were passed to the second term of 2014. During the half-year the preliminary investigation deadlines were significantly reduced. The number of criminal cases investigated for more than a year, as well as ungrounded terminated and suspended cases, was reduced by 50 percent.

At the same time I would like to mention about the investigators’ workload which is 20.400 cases in comparison with 16.616 cases which is more by 23 percent.

One investigator’s workload is 45 cases, and 65 together with rejected cases.

For comparison, I will tell that in Russia that number is 36, in Georgia it is 5 and it is 45 only in Belarus and Tajikistan.

There is still much to do. 60 percent of investigators has up to two years’ experience. We will go on working with staff.

Realizing that honest, caring and skillful investigator is one of the warranties to raise the efficiency of the activity of the Committee, we will replenish the system with such investigators being consistent to principles of stability of investigation service, unity of requirements to the investigators, their legal and social protection. The procedural independence of the investigator must be respected, his creative hard work must not be hindered, it is also necessary to carefully contribute to his activity.

Society has a great expectation from the newly formed Investigative Committee which is proved by thousands of letters received from citizens. In order to implement that issue the activity of the RA Investigative Committee must correspond to democratic standards and the investigators must provide the steady application of national legislation and internationally recognized norms.

The majority of bodies and subdivisions of the Committee does not have separate building conditions, yet. They are very limited. It is clear that the efficiency of the investigatory actions significantly decreases when three investigators work in one workroom.

Systematic training, methodical, organizational and procedural daily work is conducted for the investigators to possess tactics and methodology of investigation, to provide proper cooperation with operative-intelligence, forensic and other bodies in revealing crimes, to respect the rights of participants of trial, to be informed of legislative changes, to specialize in the field of investigation of specific crimes.

We have still much to do to provide the investigators with technical equipment. For this purpose the strategy of reforms of 2015-2017 in the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Armenia was developed by us, particularly introduction of the achievements of science and techniques in the organization of preliminary investigation, creation of mechanisms to get information from databases of different bodies operatively, saving human and material resources in the sphere of criminal procedure and their targeted usage.

We know our tasks very well and we will do our best to implement them within a short period. I assure that we will not spare anything to achieve that goal.

Taking this opportunity I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the RA President, the Government and the National Assembly for care provided to solve the vital and important problems of the system.


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