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By RA IC Chairman Hayk Grigoryan’s Instruction - Series of Meetings with Representatives of Administrations for Efficiency Enhancement of Organizing Fight against Crimes as well as Jointly Organizing Work with Citizens

18.10.2019 12:42

By the instruction of the Chairman of the RA Investigative Committee Hayk Grigoryan the employees of the RA IC Organizational-Analytical and Criminological General Department of Special Tasks will have meetings with representatives of fractions of the National Assembly, local self-government bodies and other administrations for prevention of crimes, enhancement of efficiency of organizing fight against crime, as well as efficient cooperation for jointly organizing work with citizens.  

As a part of initiative the first meeting was held with the Advisor to the Mayor of Yerevan and representatives of fractions of the council of elders of Yerevan.

During the meeting issues on holding joint discussions to solve the problems risen during pretrial proceeding within the competences of the City Hall and Council of Elders, on providing information about the issues related to protection of human rights in City Hall, Council of Elders, on organizing events to prevent crimes were discussed.  

Mutual agreements have been reached on information exchange within the competences of the parties considering the confidentiality of preliminary investigation data.

Particularly, information on criminal cases investigated on apparent crimes committed by the employees of City Hall, heads, staff of administrative districts, as well as crimes committed in organizations under Yerevan City Hall shall be provided. Besides, the parties shall provide information about the issues found in applications, complaints of the citizens who have applied to the City Hall or Council of Elders of Yerevan.


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