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Charge Pressed against Head of Shengavit Territorial Agency of Social Assistance for Getting Illegal Payment

31.10.2019 11:39

Preliminary investigation of the criminal case initiated on getting illegal payment by a public servant was completed in the Investigative Division of Shengavit administrative district of Yerevan Investigative Department of the RA Investigative Committee. Charge was pressed against the head of Shengavit Territorial Agency of Social Assistance.

Pursuant to data obtained through investigation, head of Shengavit Territorial Agency of Social Assistance, holding the position of deputy head of the mentioned agency from February 1, 2012 to October 2, 2014, being authorized to present offer to provide a family with social assistance, to calculate the social insecurity unit of the family in database by software method and to determine the right of the family to get benefit, under the pretext of not stopping the social benefit of a deaf and dumb citizen registered at the area served by her, told the latter’s daughter that her father was not allegedly a beneficiary, she demanded and in her room got the amount of benefit of the first month of 2013 and 2014 as illegal payment.

On the base of the obtained sufficient evidence charge was pressed against the latter according to the Point 1 of the Part 3 of the Article 311.1 of RA Criminal Code. Signature not to leave was chosen as a pretrial measure against her.

Preliminary investigation was completed and the criminal case with the bill of indictment was sent to prosecutor supervising the legality of preliminary investigation.

Note; Everyone charged with alleged crime offence shall be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law.



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